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Recommendations: salmon

244. Staff employed in the killing of fish must have the knowledge and skill to perform the task humanely and efficiently regardless of the method employed as required by the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995.

245. Fish must be stunned or killed before their blood vessels (gill arches) are severed for bleeding and when stunned remain insensible until death supervenes.

246. When the percussive method is used, the blow must be of sufficient force for the fish to be immediately rendered unconscious and for it to remain so until dead.

247. Those undertaking slaughter, e.g. by percussive stun or kill, must not continue if they become tired and inefficient.

248. Particular care should be taken when large fish are slaughtered using percussive stun or kill.

249. Further research is needed on the method of stunning and killing salmon, especially to find a satisfactory method of mechanical stunning or killing and alternatives to carbon dioxide as an anaesthetising or killing agent.