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Recommendations for longer term action

22. Government should pursue with its EU counterparts improved harmonisation of registration procedures to ensure uniformity and increase the range of medicines available (paragraph 59).

23. We recommend that steps should be taken to ensure that there is a significant reduction in the occurrence and severity of bone damage. We wish to see continuing improvements to the design of facilities for hens. We urge the industry, with FAWC involvement, to establish levels of bone weakness problems and the extent of bone damage by examination of bird carcasses at the slaughterhouse; and to demonstrate improvements over a five year period. FAWC will keep the matter under review (paragraph 61).

24. We have seen perches in battery cages and we know of evidence to suggest improved bone strength, although possibly at the expense of increased egg breakages. This modification could be readily made in cages at 600cm²/hen. If perches are incorporated they should provide 12cm of perch length per bird to allow all birds to perch at the same time. Where perches are provided the height of the cage should be sufficient for the birds to be able to perch comfortably (paragraph 108).

25. We recommend that it should be compulsory for eggs to be labelled according to their system of production (paragraph 133).

26. We recommend that packs of mixed eggs should be labelled as "may contain eggs from hens in any production system". This description should only be used on mixed packs (paragraph 135).