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APPENDIX C: Egg production systems visited

Laying cages

1. Commercial - stepped and vertical up to 6 tiers high, gravity, scraper and belt clean with space allowances of approximately 450, 500 and 600cm/bird. Some containing perches.

2. Experimental modified enriched cages - 7 types including those designed by the Universities of Edinburgh and Bristol and Gleadthorpe and Funbo Lovsta poultry research centres.


3. Multi-tier stocked at 15.5 and 18 birds/m.

4. Single tier stocked at 11.7 birds/m.


5. Tiered wire floor type (e.g. Marielund and Lovsta).

6. Perforated floor type plus perches (Vencomatic) stocked at 15 to

18 birds/m.

7. Some members of the group visited tiered wire floor aviaries in the Netherlands, and Natura and Boleg aviaries in Switzerland, stocked at 18 to

21 birds/m, in connection with the Report on the Welfare of Laying Hens in Colony Systems 1991.

Deep litter and modified deep litter

8. With and without an attached "winter garden", stocked at 7 to

11.7 birds/m.

Free range

9. Large fixed houses with set stocked or rotational pen pasture.

10. Large polythene tunnels houses moved approximately once a year.

11. Small houses moved frequently over the pasture.

12. All stocked at about 1000 birds/ha. of total land assigned to the flock.