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Wind and snow

52. Wind can contribute to wet bedding by driving rain or snow into the shelters. It can also increase air speed through the huts reducing the temperature of the pigs, a particular concern during cold spells. Site selection should take account of natural shelter and huts should be draught-free, fixed securely to the ground and backed into the prevailing wind with the entrance adequately protected.

53. Snow can be a hazard if it blows into shelters, shorts-out electric fencing or makes access to the pigs difficult. Local features in the landscape may reduce snow cover and should be taken into account when determining the siting of an outdoor unit. Plastic flaps over doorways during the winter help to reduce both wind and snow getting into the huts although potential problems with condensation may arise if the huts are not insulated. It is essential that there is access to the site in all weather conditions so that food and water can continue to be provided.