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2.0 Problems caused by an unsuitable site

Waterlogging and poaching are the main problems associated with unsuitable sites.

2.1 Access to paddocks
In many cases this affects the stockman rather than the pigs directly. In particular, restricted access with tractors along roadways can cause delays in providing feed, water and straw to paddocks and also affect the movement of pigs between paddocks. Extra time spent carrying out these routines prevents stockmen carrying out other duties related to looking after the stock, such as observation, medication etc.

2.2 Access within the paddocks
Waterlogging within the paddocks makes movement of both stockmen and pigs difficult. This restricts access to feeding areas, water troughs and the huts.

2.3 Feeding areas
Wet, muddy areas should be avoided as the food will get trampled in and be wasted. As a result, all pigs in a group may not have their appropriate ration.

2.4 Wet beds in huts
A dry, strawed lying area is essential for all pigs. Wet conditions in the paddocks allow mud to be trampled into the huts, thus wetting the beds. This can be minimised in wet weather by using a "doormat" of straw in front of the hut. Young piglets are especially at risk from chilling if their beds are wet.

2.5 Health
Continuous wet conditions can cause foot problems in sows and increase the risk of chilling of piglets. This can itself increase the incidence of diseases.