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3.0 Suggested Assessment of the Suitability or Unsuitability of a Site

In order to assess the welfare implications of a site for outdoor pigs, the "five freedoms" should be considered. Because the management factors are so important, the physical characteristics alone are not sufficient to determine the suitability of the site. Each site should be individually assessed and judged on the following basis:

These conditions will most easily be provided on a light, free-draining soil in a low rainfall area. However, good management and stockmanship are essential to ensure that these criteria are met and that the welfare of the pigs is not at risk.


The Pig Welfare Advisory Group prepared, in 1993, a series of booklets about pig keeping which included Booklet 8, Outdoor Sows. All are available from MAFF Publications, London SE99 7TP (tel: 0645 556000).